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After an extensive experience in the cleaning industry that spanned over 8 years, including a co-owned business venture with her husband, Aliia embarked on a new journey. A journey that used the knowledge and foundation she learned to expand the cleaning service industry.

Established in January 2020, Aliia opened her first very own cleaning business in the states of MD and DE – bringing her workmanship values to not only operate on a full-scale level but also incorporate a high-quality service. Our property and janitorial cleaning services are performed with incredible discretion to fulfill our cleaning duties without any disruption.

We have well-trained professionals that have outstanding skills and tools to remove any dirt or unsanitary condition from an office or the surrounding area. Don’t compromise on quality cleaning services and explore our one-of-a-kind services today.

Need Reliable House Cleaning Services in DE and MD? Are you looking for a trusted house cleaner in DE and MD or the surrounding area? Want quality results at an affordable price? Look no further! Aliia’s Seashore Cleaning has been leaving DE and MD area homes cleaner and homeowners happier since 2012.


We assist in customizing a plan to fit your business cleaning needs and will operate on a schedule that is beneficial for you.

With unlimited cleaning services that include business and commercial cleaning, general cleaning, rental properties, and other cleaning services, we’re committed to delivering quality cleaning performance from our trained professionals.

While other cleaning businesses charge an arm and leg for their services, our company features affordable prices and deals that will save you money long term.

With different packages we offer a variety of options that will best fit your standards. Now you don’t have to compromise on quality to be able to afford a deep cleansing for your home, business, or commercial area

Not only do we specialize on cleaning services but we are here to help with any inquiry or conflict our customers may have. Our team of professionals will hear any concern you have and meet with valuable solutions.

Our Mission is to work diligently and provide excellent cleaning services for the ultimate client satisfaction.

Performing large-scale cleaning projects that expand over a certain time period, our job isn’t over until we boost the overall appearance of the environment and erase any or every imperfection. Our trained professionals will do constant inspections in order to achieve the desired results.


In the cleaning industry we believe we owe it to the customer to not only bring quality service but also stellar customer care. Our priority includes a smooth and hassle-free process to provide reliable results without any hindrance to our customers. One of our goals is to exceed customer expectations and act responsibly to ensure a trustworthy customer relationship.


Regular Maintenance Cleaning

  • Rentals
  • Second Homes
  • Summer Homes
  • Condos
  • Offices
  • Buildings

Deep Cleaning

  • Rentals
  • Second Homes
  • Summer Homes
  • Condos
  • Offices
  • Buildings
One Time
or custom to your needs